We’ve already helped thousands of Railroad Veterans… it's what we do!
Message from John Roven
Founder of Roven-Kaplan, L.L.P.

“Personal Attention & Involvement”…
“30 years experience in representing the injured”… “A dedicated and caring staff” …those are the qualities that motivate Roven-Kaplan, LLP in their representation of families who have been adversely affected by work place accidents and other types of injuries. Those are the guiding principles that have made Roven-Kaplan, LLP recognized among their peers for outstanding commitment.

Our dedication to clients is wrapped up in an idea that we take seriously: when the other side sees the name “Roven-Kaplan, LLP” attached to your case, they take the case seriously and know that you will pursue your rights. But quality legal representation and professional commitment is not enough. It is important that your case moves quickly to a fair and beneficial conclusion. It is important that your case does not get tied up in the court system forever.

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Roven-Kaplan, L.L.P. 2012 Commercial

Our Clients' Voices

Thank you for everything you have done. I want you to know that I am very grateful for the time and trouble you have done.  Again thank you & God bless!
- B.O. from Casper, WY

 I just wanted to express my gratitude again for all the help you have given me.  If ever I have any other problems or claims I will surely let you handle them for me & my wife, or anyone else that needs your assistance.  They will be referred to you by me.  Thanks again!
-C.C. from  Childress, TX


I wish to thank your office for all the great handling of the case.  I was very pleased in the way everything went.  Thanks!
-C.O. from Aurora, MN


You have a wonderful staff who have always been very courteous, friendly and helpful each time I called your office.
- S.M. from El MirageAZ


I really want to thank you for all your work & time you have spent for me & many others.  Thanks again.
- I.B. from Shawnee, KS


On all your correspondence to me you have always thanked me for having you represent me.  Well sir-I’ll reverse that. I thank you very much for representing me, and I hope all your other clients feel the same.
-L.C. from Wilbur, WA

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