Occupational Disease

Railroad veterans may have years of exposure to various contaminants that have been medically shown to cause serious diseases. Exposure may have been heavy depending on the employee’s job craft. The following diseases have been associated with various exposure at the railroad:


SILICOSIS-(in sand blasters, ballast regulator operators, laborers and other employees)- involves exposure to sand, granite dust or other inorganic dusts such as ballast rock, emery grinding wheels, etc.

HISTOPLASMOSIS- (Can be caused by exposure to bird droppings and bacteria laden dust in old buildings or structures).

SIDEROSIS- Caused by chronic exposure to welding fumes and dust and is often preceded by “welding fume fever”.

WELDING FUME PARKINSONISM- (a syndrome that resembles Parkinsons disease-has been reported in long-term welders and boiler makers; especially those welding in confined spaces.

COPD- from exposure to fumes, dust, and vapors, (sometimes referred to as chronic bronchitis or chronic airways disease)

RADS- (Reactive Airways Disease Syndrome) from exposure to acids, respiratory irritants and volatile chemicals). Some inhalation injuries will appear immediately (for example, in cases involving exposure to acid fumes or lung irritants). However, others will appear on a delayed basis and are only diagnosable later in life (for example, chronic exposure to dusts such as asbestos, emery dust or silica containing sand or rock). Either way, these cases require prompt investigation, a thorough understanding of the substance involved, and access to the best doctors who can assess proper treatment and whether permanent lung damage has occurred. If you feel you have been affected by your work at the railroad, contact the lawyers at Roven-Kaplan, L.L.P. to discuss your options.



Areas of Practice
Asbestosis, Mesothelioma,
Asbestos Cancer (Lung, esophageal, colon)
Silicosis, Histoplasmosis, Siderosis
COPD, Reactive Airways Disease (RADS) and
Welding Fume Parkinsonism
Traumatic injuries suffered by railroad workers
while on the job.
Serious injuries or death resulting from use of
dangerous or recalled drugs or medical products.